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I'm a mother of 3 who started blogging as a way to share our many adventures and to expand beyond the everyday "mommy world". While there IS so much more to us mommies than the title, there is very little that doesn't in some way or another lead us back to or influence our children...if anything. So, I hope you enjoy following our family's randomness, because as all moms know- you can never anticipate what tomorrow will bring! Thanks for visiting and have a blessed day! :)

Friday, January 10, 2014

Have a child that wants to run away? This worked for me...

My son and I had this discussion today.  He was upset with me because he didn't get his way.  He had just received a consequence for disobedience and he was mad.  Instead of responding to his anger and just telling him no, he wasn't going to run away, I used this opportunity to teach a life lesson in critical thinking and planning.  I mean, he may still want to run away but at least now he'll be prepared when/if he does, right?  ;-)
"Mommy, I'm going to run away to South America and live in the rainforest." (arms crossed, brows furrowed, pursed lips, mad face)
Me- "You are?  What will you do for food?"
 "I'm going to eat fruit off the trees there."
Me- "Oh, ok.  Well, what about on the way there?  What will you eat then...and how will you get there?  Walk?  That will take a long time to walk the whole way.  Where will you sleep?"

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Zebra Soap Recipe According to Sadie

Josiah- "Mo-om, Sadie's making zebra soap.  She's using glue and black crayons and sugar and she's making a mess."
Me- "What?  Where?"

I follow him to the kitchen table where I find her concoction.  What I wouldn't give to know where my camera is right now!!  A picture is totally worth a thousand words here.

Me, in my calmest voice- "Sadie, what did you put in there?"
Sadie, proudly- "Eggs, sugar, salt, syrup, toothpaste, glue, some bits of paper, aaaand...water.  Oh, and crayons too!"

She looks surprised and disappointed that I'm not giddy with excitement over her creation.
Sadie- "Mo-om, I was making an experiment for you."

Never a dull moment around here, folks.  Oh!  And did I mention she was stirring it with her toothbrush? *face palm*

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Broken Toys, Broken Hearts, and Better Parenting

You try and try to teach them, tell them, remind them, encourage them over and over again, hoping that it will eventually, inevitably sink in..."control your temper" and "respect your things".  But sometimes kids just insist on learning the hard way.

Not only is there now a new broken toy in the house, but a broken heart as well, as a result of both the toy and the new rule in this house as of now.  Mommy and Daddy are not buying any more toys...and we will not be encouraging others to buy any more toys either unless and until there is sufficient evidence to suggest that the children have learned their lesson and the importance of controlling one's temper and respecting their things.

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Poor Mike Wazowski. 

Thursday, January 2, 2014

What's New for this Year...And How I Fared Last Year

Naturally, at the top of most people's new year resolutions list is weight loss.  It was on mine last year and it is there rearing its ugly head again this year.  The good news is that I'm 21 lbs lighter than I was at this time last year!  Booyah!!  The not-so-good news is that I didn't reach my goal and actually gained a few pounds back near the end of the year. (Stinkin' irresistible Christmas goodies! ;))  BUT I am not discouraged!  I will tread on!  After all, I'm going for lifestyle changes here, not a temporary quick fix.

I really don't like making New Year's Resolutions.  Actually, back up.  More accurately, I don't like calling them New Year's Resolutions.  I prefer goals...and I make them every year.  I just can't help myself.  (I'm sure many of you can relate!)  Sometimes I keep them but more often I break them...and make them...and break them.  It's a very consistent cycle of inconsistency.  Every year I tell myself I'm not going to give up and every year I fall short of reaching all my goals but again, I am NOT discouraged!  Why?