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I'm a mother of 3 who started blogging as a way to share our many adventures and to expand beyond the everyday "mommy world". While there IS so much more to us mommies than the title, there is very little that doesn't in some way or another lead us back to or influence our children...if anything. So, I hope you enjoy following our family's randomness, because as all moms know- you can never anticipate what tomorrow will bring! Thanks for visiting and have a blessed day! :)

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Sister Syndrome

We were cleaning Sadie's room when she started this conversation:
Sadie:  "When I have a baby sister, I will get her a flower bed and share my room and you can call her Molly."
Josiah: "I want a baby sister, too, and we'll call her Adasher."
Jackson: "Yeah.  And I will name my sister Pinky Pie!"
Later, I gave Josiah a consequence for disobeying.  He starts to cry and says,
"But Mommy, then you won't have a baby!"
Me: "Huh?"
Josiah (through tears):  "You said we were going to have a baby sister tomorrow and now you won't because of my consequence!"
Oh, dear.  Remind me to enunciate from now on.  BabySITTER.  I said babySITTER.  I also said "maybe".

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