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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Chicken, Christian, or Both?

This whole gay marriage debate has me nauseous.  In response to all the media coverage of Chick-fil-a's position on the matter, facebook is all abuzz and it seems everyone wants to voice their opinions and feelings on the matter...including me.  It's exhausting.

What bothers me the most is seeing my Christian friends in support of it, but to make the matter worse, to question my heart because of my differing view.  To be called unloving and intolerant by the world is one thing, but to be told by those claiming to be Christians that "people like you are the reason Christians have a bad name" is just heartbreaking.

I hear Christian friends saying things like, "It's not our job to legalize morality or push our beliefs on other people."  Or they might say, "We are called to love.  Where is your compassion and empathy?"  As if Jesus would somehow approve of gay marriage and I am the cold-hearted snake for thinking otherwise.  Really??  Is this what our nation and CHURCH has come to?  I try to have a respectful debate about the issue, raising what I believe to be valid concerns and rather than get any answers, my Christian character is attacked, I'm compared to those who were against slavery and women's rights, accused of suppressing the rights of others (or out-and-out hating them) and labeled "insecure".

Is there anyone out there willing to critically think through the implications of this issue and have a respectful dialogue without resorting to name calling and attacking the individual (or company, in Chick-fil-a's case)?

I plan to blog another post explaining why I believe legalizing gay marriage is bad for America.  At least this way, whenever the subject comes up online I can just post a link to my thoughts without regurgitating them over and over and over again.  We, as Christians, really cannot remain silent on this issue.  Brothers and sisters, it is time to get involved.  Take a lesson from Chick-fil-a and don't be a Christian chicken.  ;)  Speak out.  More on that later.  Right now, I need to recharge.

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