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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A Response To "Democrats Trump Republicans In Representing America"

I ran across this blog post in a forum on today and it really bothered me.  Again, many of you may not share my political views but I hope you can at least appreciate and understand the logic behind my argument and refrain from criticizing the Republican party without just cause.  By all means, criticize them when there is cause!  I will and I do!  But in this case...well, first read the post to the forum.  Then, here is my response to it:

First of all, I'm a conservative Republican. Secondly, I'm a registered Native American with a certified degree of Indian Blood (CDIB) and I carry a CDIB card with all the rights and privileges held therein.  Third, in response to "we should be examining both parties based on issues, not just the branding of the party."  You just branded the Republican party as "for the white and wealthy" instead of discussing the Republican platform (aka. issues). 

Fourth, the Democrats claimed during their convention that they have "led the way" on civil rights issues for 200 years.  That is categorically and completely untrue.  Google names like George Wallace, Bull Connor, and Albert Gore, Sr. and see what you find.  Conversely, look at former president Dwight Eisenhower's record and the backbone he showed, particularly in Little Rock, to enforce segregation laws and equality for all Americans.  I'm not saying Republicans are saints, but to paint them as uncaring, racist, prejudice, etc is at best misinformed, and at worst a bold-faced lie.  Here is a link for further information on this issue: 
Washington Post Catches Dems Rewriting History.

Next, the Republican National Convention (RNC) had several minority speakers during their convention (and none of them were illegal immigrants either):  Illegal Immigrant Speaks At National Democratic Convention. Furthermore, the media coverage of the RNC purposely avoided shots of minorities in the crowd and one even went so far as not to broadcast minority speeches but rather, have commentary from Al Sharpton, Ed Schultz, Chris Matthews, and other leftists:  MSNBC Abandons GOP Convention During Every Speech By A Minority.  Who appear to be the racist ones now?  Media bias does exist.  You can't just get your information from popular news channels.

In relation to "Many who identify themselves as Republican are going to vote against their own best interests."  My best interest is my freedom.  I WILL vote against "affordable" government healthcare (which really means more expensive), more regulations, and more government intervention (which leads to less choice) if it is at the expense of my freedoms or those of my fellow Americans.  By limiting their freedoms, I am compromising my own. 

I am not among the wealthy, but guess what?  I'd like to be among them someday.  More importantly, they are the job creators in this country.  You make them pay "their fair share" (which is EVER increasing.  I'd just like to know, how much is enough?  What percent should they have to pay before they've paid "their fair share"?  It seems to me the Dems thrive on the jealousy of the poor towards the rich.), and eventually (even more so than what we are facing ALREADY) there will be NO jobs.  It is foolhardy to think that higher taxes on the rich will not effect the middle class and the poor.  It inevitably trickles down the economic chain and they (middle class and poor) are the ones who suffer the most.  History has born this out repeatedly.  Businesses exist to make a profit.  When did that become such a bad word?  Profit?  Profit is how a person is able to put food in their belly and a roof over their head!  When they make a profit, they need more workers and more workers means more jobs and more jobs means more money in your pocket and ironically enough, more money in the government's pocket.  What good is government healthcare going to do me if I can't afford to eat because I have no income?  What good will it do me when there isn't enough money to fund it in the first place, which is what we have right now?

America used to be considered "the land of opportunity".  I believe that claim is quickly diminishing.  According to our Declaration of Independence, we have the right to "the PURSUIT of happiness", NOT "the right to be happy".  Happiness is a feeling anyway and an individual choice.  No one can MAKE you happy.  That's your own responsibility.  What government CAN do is allow you the OPPORTUNITY and an equal playing field to make your own dream come true.  But the government is not responsible for making sure your dream comes true, and in fact, often gets in the way of your dream becoming a reality. This administration's legislation does not promote an even playing field.  They award the lazy and punish the hardworking.  They discourage self-reliance and encourage dependency, while filling their own pockets.  They cater to unions, lobbyists, and special interest groups.  So, in reality, it IS in my best interest to vote against the Democrat's legislation if I wish to retain my freedoms and the opportunity to pursue my dreams.

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