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Monday, November 26, 2012

Bedtime at the Lillard House

Jackson read a story to us tonight guessed it!  Animals!  The title is "I Love Animals!"  Once we reached the "In the Jungle" page, we read about pythons and tigers which led to the following conversation...
Jackson: "Pythons can squeeze and take your breath away so you can't breathe."
Me:  "Yes, you're right.  We should probably stay as far away from them as we can then, huh?"
All 3 kids agree wholeheartedly and Jackson reads the next section about the tiger...
"Tiger, with stripes of orange, white, and black, this tiger's looking for a snack"
Jackson:  "Whoa!  We better look out for that tiger too.  He's hungry!"
Sadie: "Yeah, and tigers eat meat and you know what we have that's inside of us?  Meat!  (pauses for emphasis) AND blood!" (eyes conveying the seriousness of this message.  We would do well to heed her warnings. lol)

After reading time, Sadie begged and pleaded for me to tell her a story while she was lying in her bed...
Me:  "Once upon a time.."
Sadie: "No, Mommy.  You have to turn the light off first."
Me:  "Okay, let's do that."  Light is off.  I start again.
"Once there was a lady named Sadie."
Sadie, giggling: "No, Mom.  Not a real story.  It has to be about a princess."
Me:  "Oh, ok.  Once there was a princess named Sadie."
Sadie, laughing: "Noo, Mom.  You have to use a real princess, like Sofia the first."
Me:  "Ok.  Once there was a princess named Sofia the first."
Sadie, giggling uncontrollably and clearly exasperated with me: "Nooo, Mom.  Hahaha  It's just Sofia.  Her name is not 'the first'.  haha  It's just Sofia. You have to haha start over."
Who knew I was such a bad storyteller?  lol  Tough crowd tonight, I guess? ;)  Memories.  Sweet, sweet memories.

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