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Monday, November 5, 2012

Election Fast 2012: Week 3 & 4

I had a seizure at the beginning of week 3 so that's partially why I didn't get around to posting last week.  The enormous headache that follows a grand mal can be debilitating to say the least.  Then there is also the disorientation and confusion to deal with.  I usually tend to get over the vast majority of that rather quickly but my mind can still be left feeling "hazy" or "foggy" even a couple of days later.  With all of that going on, I've been playing catch-up for a while.  Here is a brief rundown of our political involvement over the past 2 weeks as well as an update on how my fast is going.

Sadie and I attended a luncheon at Doc's Grill on Monday (2 weeks ago) where Tim Griffin was supposed to be speaking but due to a death in his family, he was unable to be there.  Instead, someone spoke briefly on his behalf and then Mark Biviano had the opportunity to say a few words.  Honestly, by then my ibuprofen had worn off and my headache was about the only thing I could concentrate on.  We sat with a retired couple who were very sweet and inquisitive.  I wish I remembered more of the conversation but like I said, I was mostly focused on one thing.  Headache.  Justin would have been at the luncheon had he been in town but he had a conference in Springdale so it was left to me and Sadie to show our support. :)

Then, there was the Independent Tea Party of White County meeting on the same night as the last presidential debate.  We adjourned early, of course, so everyone could get home in time to watch and listen.  I've got to tell you that that final debate really got my goat.  I have a tendency to talk to the electronics anyway but that night I was in rare form.  Obama looked so believable that if I didn't know better, I might have thought he was telling the truth.  But I DID and I DO know better and that is why I started getting upset.  I wanted Romney to be tougher on him, to call him out on his lies.  For the most part he did call him out, but I still thought he was way too nice about it.  Then the moderator had to give her two-cents.  Ugh.  Don't get me started on that.

One Saturday we went door knocking as a family for Mark Biviano.  That was an experience.  Can you imagine it?  Most of the time Justin would take a child or two and knock on the door of one house while I would take another with whoever (of the children) was left.  Jackson was with Justin the majority of the time because he was having shoe issues and rather than deal with Jackson's fussing about how uncomfortable he was (can we say major stressor?), it was easier for Justin to just carry him on his shoulders shoeless.  Josiah seemed to enjoy himself.  He is our little social butterfly.  I think he's like me in that he gets his energy from being around other people.  He loves talking to people.  Jackson is just the opposite.  He'll talk and he'll tolerate being around people but it really takes effort and energy for him to do so.  Unlike Josiah, he needs time alone to revamp after prolonged exposure to a bunch of people, a marked characteristic of an introvert.

This past Friday the boys were out of school as it was "Professional Development Day".  Where I'm from we called it "Inservice Day" but I've said that to a couple of different folks around here and they were both like, "What's inservice?" lol  At any rate, it's a day when teachers work and students don't. ;)  This made for a wonderful opportunity to vote early. 

I wanted to be sure and vote at a time when the boys could go to the polls with either me or Justin so they could not only learn about our political process but also so they could be one step closer to earning their Citizenship Pin in Cub Scouts.  Jackson earned the beltloop last year and Josiah is currently working on his.  Anyway, the line was much longer than I expected and I had all 3 of the children with me.  Challenging, but we survived even after Josiah vomited on the front lawn of the courthouse.  Yes, vomited.  Most moms probably would have packed up and gone home after that but not me.  No, sir.  We were committed and I would not be deterred! lol  I noticed that there were inmates at both the back and side entrances to the courthouse, not sure for what purpose, but one of them saw what happened and was kind enough to direct us to a bathroom.  Now before any of you chastise me, let me say that I do not believe Josiah had anything contagious.  The boy just has serious issues with car sickness, that's all.  His behavior in the voting line (dancing around, unable to keep still, messing with his brother and sister) is evidence enough that he was not really feeling ill.

When it was finally our turn, I and my caravan went to the voting booth and I showed the kids the screen and tried to explain what and who we were voting for and why.  But before I was able to get to that part, Josiah said, "Remember mom.  We want to vote for Rom-a-ney."  The boy pays attention. ;)  Apparently, I was NOT paying attention though, because I accidentally checked Obama's name!  What?!  I would have never forgiven myself if I hadn't caught my mistake before it was too late.  How embarrassing! haha  Anyway, Josiah also informed me that we wanted to vote for Mark Biviano.  Like I said, the boy pays attention.  Jackson, on the other hand...bless his heart. ;)  About halfway through, Josiah asked, "What's a a-mend-ment?" (reading from the screen)  I'm not sure my answer made alot of sense to him but he seemed satisfied enough with it.  I even let him hit the "confirm" button when we were finished.  A proud moment for him, no doubt.  All 3 of them also enjoyed getting an "I Voted Early" sticker.

Sadie was really something tonight as I put her to bed.  She has mentioned this before at various times either in the car while we're driving down the road, or just walking around somewhere she'll say, "Mommy, we don't want Obama to win because he will take all of our money."  Tonight she said, "Mom, if Obama wins will he take our money until we have nothing left?"  Then she said, "We don't want Obama to win.  He is a bad man, isn't he Mommy?"  I tried to explain to her that God is in control and He will take care of us no matter what happens and that while I tended to think that Obama was a bad man, only God knows the heart and we just have to trust Him and hope and pray for the best.

I'm so glad they are getting the chance to learn about our elections at such an early age.  I don't remember ever going to the polls with my parents as a child or even hearing them talk much about politics at home.  The earliest I remember was when Reagan addressed the nation and we all watched together.  I was in either 5th or 6th grade at the time.  Much older than our oldest who is now in 2nd grade.  I remember that our family was very pleased with Reagan and proud to call him our president but I didn't know much of anything about the issues then.  He was not a perfect person but you could tell that he was a good man with good morals and a strong conviction.  He inspired and motivated us to be better Americans and better people.

As for my fasting progress, there have continued to be so many times when I've wanted sweet tea.  We've eaten out much more than usual in the past couple of weeks and my kids always get sweet tea when we go to a resteraunt.  So, we always leave with at least one cup filled with sweet tea for the road.  Not for me this time, of course.  I'm getting better at resisting the temptation.  The one great thing about eating out so frequently is the frequency it has caused in praying for this election and our political leaders.  Tomorrow is the big day!  We've done what we can do now.  Have you voted yet?  If not, be sure to get out tomorrow and do so!

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