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I'm a mother of 3 who started blogging as a way to share our many adventures and to expand beyond the everyday "mommy world". While there IS so much more to us mommies than the title, there is very little that doesn't in some way or another lead us back to or influence our children...if anything. So, I hope you enjoy following our family's randomness, because as all moms know- you can never anticipate what tomorrow will bring! Thanks for visiting and have a blessed day! :)

Monday, December 10, 2012

Newspaper Nuisance

Until today we had a Sunday-only subscription to the Arkansas-Democrat Gazette strictly for the coupons.  About a month or so ago, we received a notice that the cost was going up from $7.25 to $11.25 per month.  THAT is a significant increase.  I became particularly perturbed by this when our paper was not delivered yesterday, which has happened 3 or 4 times already during the life of our subscription (which is only a once-a-week delivery in the first place).  I bought a paper yesterday for $2.  $2 x 4 weeks= $8, right?  When I called to cancel, they offered us a 6 month extension of $7.95 per month.  I still said no just to avoid the hassle of unreliable delivery.  It pays to call but still frustrating to have to do that...and every other time our paper is not delivered.  I have enough on my plate (as does the majority of the human population) without having to stop and make sure other people are doing their jobs.  I'll just stop by Walgreen's or a gas station from now on.  Good news for the Gazette: newsstand price is still worth the coupons, therefore I will still be buying their paper.  Bad news for the "paper boy".

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