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Friday, January 25, 2013

Marker Memories

So, I decided to use the kids' bathroom earlier this evening, rather than disturb my husband who loves to sit in ours with the hair dryer running while he either reads or uses the laptop for his schoolwork.  (I just realized how that sounds.  Kind of weird, I guess?  Well, we're a pretty weird bunch for those who hadn't yet noticed. ;))

Anyway, the point is that when I walked in, I didn't notice that Sadie was already in there.  Then I realized that she was very obviously trying to hide from me.  Never a good sign, right?  So, I made her turn around and face me so I could either see what she was hiding or why she didn't want to look at me.  This is what I saw...

That's brown marker on her face.  The interrogation went something like this...
Me, in my best calm and collected voice:  Sadie, why have you been writing on your face with a marker?
Sadie:  Because I want to look like different people.
Me, thinking I already knew where this was going:  What do you mean by "different people"?
Sadie:  Because I want to look like brown people!
Ah, Sadie!  How I do love you, girl!  She makes life so fun and unpredictable!

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