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I'm a mother of 3 who started blogging as a way to share our many adventures and to expand beyond the everyday "mommy world". While there IS so much more to us mommies than the title, there is very little that doesn't in some way or another lead us back to or influence our children...if anything. So, I hope you enjoy following our family's randomness, because as all moms know- you can never anticipate what tomorrow will bring! Thanks for visiting and have a blessed day! :)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

This Made Me Chuckle

I was planning to go to the grocery store yesterday (and the day before that, really) but I've just lost motivation lately (partially due to Publix's new coupon policy and their lack of store coupons for the previous 3 trips I've made) so when my folks invited me and the kids to go to Chick-fil-A with them for lunch, it was a good enough excuse to procrastinate again.  We had a great time, too.  Well worth the sacrifice, in my opinion. ;)

When my loving husband asked about my grocery run later that evening, I had to explain that I didn't go and why.  He looked a little disappointed because he was looking forward to having "special" creamer again and "quick-fix" lunches to take to work.  But if you know my husband, you know that he's a stickler for pinching pennies (and that we're really pinching them now in anticipation of our Disney trip) so I tried to smooth things over by saying, "Look at it this way.  At least I didn't spend any money today."  He just gave me a puzzled look and replied, "Well, maybe we should just stop eating altogether.  I'll bet we'll save ALOT of money then."

I'm still laughing!  I love my husband's sense of humor.  What a card!

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