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Friday, March 4, 2011

Want to Save Money on Gasoline?

Some of you may have run across the "Tips on pumping gas" email that's been circling the internet.  After doing a little research, I found this article on's website.  As you can see, while there is a little validity to the argument, savings are negligible and probably not worth the effort.

But this got me to thinking, "What can I do that will actually result in keeping my gasoline consumption at a minimum?"  Well, of course, the obvious answer is to limit your driving...but let's be realistic.  It is near impossible NOT to drive in our culture.  For most of us, our jobs are further than a bike ride away and very few of us live on self-sufficient farms that don't require a trip for groceries now and then.  After all, we have to eat, right?  Not to mention that the majority of us would rather not be hermits.  Nonetheless, most of us CAN cut back on the amount of time we spend behind the wheel.  Simple things like running all your errands during the same trip to town can save you not just pennies, but dollars!  Of course, having kids in tow makes this more difficult and your sanity might be worth spending a couple dollars more in gasoline by splitting them up.

Another thing to consider is the distance to your favorite grocery store and the number of trips you typically make in a month.  This suggestion is directed particularly to us "couponers".  I've been guilty of making special trips (out of the way) to pick up one or two things for "free" but if I factored in my gas mileage, did I really save anything?  Answer: sometimes, yes...sometimes, no.  Anyway, my point is that with gas prices continually going up, we would do well to keep this in mind.  Ask yourself, "How much do I need to buy?  How far out of the way is the store from where I am or where I'm going?  Are there other errands I need to make while out that are in the same area?"  Along this same vein, I heard (and I don't remember where) that you can also save fuel by planning your trip in a clock-wise direction, limiting your number of left-hand turns.  Apparently, the theory is that right-hand turns are faster and cut down your idle time.  Food for thought, right? :)

Not satisfied with my money-saving tips?  Neither am I.  These are more scientifically proven.  My favorite is "Stop driving like a maniac." LOL  Got any tips of your own?  Please share.  Drive safely, everyone! :)


  1. You inspired me to figure when I should shut off my car in school pick-up lines, both from a cost-savings and efficiency standpoint. The answer surprised me: If you're going to be idling more than 10 seconds, you should shut off your car. I had no idea it was that short! This would mean lots of stops and starts in drive-thrus, too!

  2. Yes, definitely short. It made me think that I either need to get in the school pick-up line really early and "shut 'er down" or be one of the last ones there so I'm not inching along for 15 minutes. You make a good point about drive-thrus, too. I hadn't thought of that. Thanks!