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Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Reflections: Traditions worth keeping?

This was the first Easter that I didn't go out and get the kids brand new outfits for the occasion.  For the most part, I didn't make a big deal out of what they wore at all.  In fact, Josiah sported blue jeans and Jackson wore long olive shorts (or what some of us refer to as "nickers").  For the boys, my main requirement was a collared shirt but that's what I require every Sunday (most Sundays anyway).  Jackson professes that truth every time I try to put him in a polo shirt or button down any other day of the week, "But Mommy, we're not going to church.  We're going to...(fill in the blank)."  He hates them but he knows he'll be expected to wear one every Sunday so he hardly ever makes a fuss over it anymore.

Now, I will admit that Sadie had an Easter dress "of sorts".  I say that because it's one I bought last year when a local upscale consignment shop, Toads & Teacups, had a huge sale.  I got several things that were way too big for her at the time but were such good bargains that I bought them anyway.  I knew it would make a nice Easter dress but I didn't buy it expressly for that purpose.  Besides, of the five of us, she is typically the best dressed (That is, when she's not dressing herself.  She rarely even matches on those occasions and often times something is either on backwards or inside out.  It drives her aunt crazy. LOL).

Anyway, I wondered a time or two what our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ thought about their attire or if they even noticed.  (I'm almost positive most of them noticed.)  Then, I was irritated that I even wondered about that.  First, it was a pride thing...a lack of "keeping up with the Jones'".  Externals shouldn't matter.  Why was I granting them more importance than the reason we were there...which was to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord Jesus, rejoice in our hope of eternal life, and above all, to praise Him for his great love and sacrifice, our undeserving gift?  Second, I was focusing on what other people thought.  God's opinion is the only one that matters, not theirs.

There were a couple of reasons for why I didn't get them new clothes.  Number one, they didn't really need them.  They are not walking around naked or exposed.  They have clothes that are clean and stain-free (Although even that isn't a true need, but a cultural expectation.).  Number two, we're drastically cutting our spending in order to save for a memorable vacation.  Now, a vacation is not a need either but I think that focusing our means on time spent together is more important than wearing the latest fashions.  I think God would approve of that decision.

Still, it was difficult to fight the desire and feeling of obligation to go out and buy them something.  It's what I've known.  It's what we've done in our family for atleast the past five or six years.  It was also difficult not buying a bunch of stuff for their Easter baskets, although that concern faded pretty quickly after our second Easter egg hunt.  They raked in loads of candy and small prizes.  I did buy them a couple of things but I tried to get things that were actually useful or that they needed.  I tried to make what I bought a little special, too.  For instance, Sadie needed panties.  Ordinarily I would have gotten the most inexpensive package (per panty).  This time (although by coincidence it was the cheapest package, just not per each) I got her Disney princess panties.  I knew the boys would love the flashlights I found (only $.30 a piece!) because they are always playing with ours and I thought it would be a fun thing for them to take on our Disney trip.  If they get lost, so what?  They were only $.30!!  :)

Ok, this post is becoming WAY too long so the gist of what I'm saying is that I'm pleased with my decision.  There was actually freedom in it.  I didn't waste time shopping from store to store and fretting about what we could afford to spend on an outfit.  I didn't get AS stressed out as I would have been Easter morning with getting them all decked out in their duds and making sure they didn't spill something on themselves before we left.  Instead, I was able to relax and enjoy our time together (for the most part.  All you moms know how hectic any Sunday can be).  I was able to let them play outside at their Nana's that afternoon too without making them either change clothes first or watch them like a hawk to make sure they didn't muddy up their outfits.

I hope you had a wonderful Easter this year as well.  Maybe we'll do this again next year, maybe we won't.  But you'd better believe I'll think long and hard first about whether it's necessary and how it will affect my attitude and our family's well-being.  Time, stress, financial freedom, and most importantly, our family's happiness will be at the top of my list for consideration.    God bless!

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