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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What An Entertaining Day!

The kids have just been a hoot today, particularly Sadie.  There's no telling what she might say next!  I thought I better write these down while I was thinking about it and before I forget.  They are always saying funny things but today they've really outdone themselves!  If you keep up with my facebook page, you've already heard about a couple of these.  But keep reading. :)

In the car on the way back from taking Jackson to school, Sadie starts having her own conversation:
"God created everything, didn't He?"
"No, He didn't."
"Yes, He did."
"No.  He didn't."
"YES, He DID, Baby Van Gogh!!"
There is a wonderful theological message buried within her words, I'm sure, but we won't go there today.  :)

Later this morning we had to make a special trip back to the school to turn in money and a permission slip.  As we pulled under the awning (It helps to know that my son is a car-rider and Sadie is nearly always with me when we go to pick him up), Sadie asked in amazement, "Mommy!  WHERE did all the people go?!"

When we got home it was time to clean rooms.  As Sadie is picking up her toys, she finds a penny and runs to me saying, "Mommy!  Look, I found money!  Now we can save it for Disney World!"  (When I first mentioned this on facebook, I left out the part where Josiah started crying because he wanted to find money for Disney World too.  I assured him that he would have also have spending money.  Maybe I should start leaving change in random places for them to find around the house. LOL)

The following is a conversation we had at lunch (and I don't know why on earth Sadie thought of this):
Sadie: "Are you married?"
Me: "Yes.  Do you know who I'm married to?" (poor English, I know, but that's how we talk around here.)
Sadie: "Uhhh, Momma T!"  (She would be the mom.)
Next we went into a litany of who is married to who.  Then, 
Josiah: "Are you a mother?"
Me: "You know I am.  Whose mother am I?"
Sadie: "Uhhh, Momma T!"
  (Well, I guess that will be the right answer to something eventually.)

And this one's everyone's favorite topic of conversation (insert sarcasm):
Sadie: "Mommy, do we eat roaches?"
Me: "EWW!  NO!  GROSS!"
Josiah: "No, Sadie, because we should (meant "could") choke on them."

Finally, I'm busy in the kitchen doing a quick mop.
Sadie: "Mommy, what are you doing?"
Me: "I'm mopping."
Sadie: "What does that mean?"
(Hmm...upon reflection, this has me asking myself how often has she seen me mopping.  Obviously, not often enough.  But in my defense, I usually clean the floor by hand and rarely use an actual mop.  Still, it sounds like my housekeeping skills could use some improvement.)
Me:  "It means I'm cleaning the floor."
Sadie: (excitedly) "Mommy, I got to get bigger and older and then I can clean the floor, too!"
(You better believe that when she's old enough, I will be reminding her of THIS conversation.)

As you can see, today has been quite entertaining.  I'm looking forward to hearing whatever comes out of their mouths next.  There's really just NO WAY to know...

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