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Monday, May 16, 2011

Sock Insanity!

Who knew there were so many different types and brands of moisture-wicking socks?  I wasn't even really familiar with the term until I began planning our Disney vacation and read a suggestion about wearing them to keep your feet happy and blister-free after long hours of walking around the parks (and getting your feet potentially soaked on wet rides).  Sounds great to me!  But now I'm swimming in a sea of possibilities...on a limited budget.  I'm on a mission to find at least 10 pairs of moisture-wicking socks in at least 3 different sizes for less than $30.  Quite a challenge.

I also happened upon something called Blistershield and wondered if any one who might read this had heard of it or used it.  I also wondered if we were to use it, would it still be necessary to use the "special socks" as well.  Another question then came to mind; Is there a "homemade" prevention that would work just as well and not cost as much?  One more thing: how does this stuff feel on your foot?  We have a son with Asperger's who is very particular about how things feel on his skin, particularly his feet.  Blistershield, great as it may be, would be of little to no benefit to us if 1) Jackson won't wear it or 2) we make him and he's screaming and pitching fits about it...kind of defeats the purpose of making our trip a more pleasant experience for everyone. haha

I would love suggestions and advice!  Military friends, I reckon you probably have loads of experience in this regard and can offer ingenious insight!  Please help!  I would really hate for a small blister or foot pain to reek havoc on our joyous and exciting days in the parks.  Thanks in advance. :)

Performance Moisture Wicking Low Cut  Sock (3 Pack) - Youth

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