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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tidy-Up Tip Tuesday 5/17

Today's tip: Bleach!  I just love bleach!  (As long as it hasn't spotted my favorite shirt, that is. ;))  I love the smell of it, too.  It's cheap.  It's powerful.  It's versatile.  We use bleach in nearly every room of our house.

Laundry room: Most of you already know that adding a cup of bleach to a wash load of whites leaves them brighter and can get out even the toughest stains.  But did you know that you can also use a q-tip dipped in equal parts bleach and water to save a white garment that is not all white?  It works just like the expensive bleach pens but at a fraction of the cost.

Kitchen:  I'm always amazed at how much better our floor looks after I clean it with simple bleach water as opposed to the expensive mop cleaners.  It doesn't require as much elbow grease either, which is always a plus.

Bathrooms:  Again, the floors, but also the toilets.  When I'm cleaning the bathrooms, before doing anything else, I'll add a little bleach to the toilet and immediately flush.  Then I pour a little more in the next time and let it sit until the rest of the bathroom is cleaned.  By the time I get to the toilet, bleach has done most of the dirty work for me. :)

Clogs:  Did you know that you can also pour straight bleach down the drain to clear clogs?  Now, it's not as quick a fix as Drano might be and not as powerful but if it's mostly hair or tissue paper that's causing the problem, pouring bleach down the drain and letting it sit for about an hour, then following it with hot water will probably be enough to do the trick!

How do you use bleach at home?

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