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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tidy-Up Tip Tuesday

I'm going to try to make this a weekly thing.

This idea came to me this morning while killing a roach.  I know that sounds weird.  I was in the laundry room getting a washload started when I spotted him.   I HATE roaches.  Since I didn't have any bug spray nearby, I grabbed the nearest thing, a bottle of Lysol Neutra-Air Fabric Refresher Mist Spray, not sure if it would work.  Well, it did!!  And it smells SO much better than Raid, not to mention safer for families with small children.  I'm thinking about making this a permanent change.

That got me to thinking that there are probably other household items we all have at home that would do the job just as well as a bug spray.  I priced Raid Ant and Roach killer on a recent CVS trip.  Granted, it's probably more expensive there than say, Walmart, but even so, it was over $6 for a 17.5 ounce can!  While the fabric refresher doesn't have the residual power of Raid (or another brand of bug spray), just a couple squirts will kill them on contact and it's WAY cheaper than $6 and possibly more environmentally friendly, although I haven't researched that theory.

So that's my tip for Tuesday.  Have any of you used something other than traditional bug spray to rid your home of pests?  If so, please share!  If you have a blog, why not join me in sharing your household tips every Tuesday?  Feel free to post your link in the comments section and together we can help each other keep a tidy home while saving time, money, and preserving the safety of our abodes.  :)

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