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Friday, February 10, 2012

Exercise Log: Day Two

  1. Warm-up:  5:30 on treadmill, speed @3.4, distance= .29 miles
  2. Leg curl: (40 lbs.) 3 x 10
  3. Hip Adduction: (40 lbs.) 3 x 10 (will add more weight next time)
  4. Hip Abduction: (40 lbs.) 3 x 10 (will add more weight next time)
  5. Leg Extension: (40 lbs.) 3 x 10 (will add more weight next time)
  6. Abs:  (40 lbs.) 100 reps (will add more weight next time)
  7. Lunges: (holding 8 lb dumbbells) 3 x 10 each leg
  8. Treadmill: 25 minutes, distance=1.38, speed for 1st 20 min=3.2, last 5 min=3.6 to 3.8 to 4.0
Challenges:  I could really feel the burn (mild cramp on one side too) while doing the lunges, particularly on the last set so I didn't push too hard on the treadmill.  I just kept a steady speed of a very comfortable 3.2 for the first 20 minutes and decided to speed up to a light jog for the last 5 minutes.  The first 30 sec at 3.6 and second 30 sec at 3.8 still translated into an aggressive speed walk for me (having long legs may have had something to do with that ;)) until I finally found 4.0 to be a comfortable, light jog.
Improvements:  Increased the weight on the abs this time and still think I need to go up again next time.  Added lunges to the workout for the first time.  I planned to use 5 lb dumbbells for those but one was missing so I decided to try 8 lbs instead.  I think 8 lbs was a better choice.  I will probably stick with that for about a week and then go up to 10.  This is the first time I've documented my time/distance on the treadmill so we'll see how things go.  I do know that I have typically gone faster and subsequently a larger distance but that was also when I was doing cardio before lifting.  Hubby told me that I'd probably be able to lift more if I did weights first so we'll see how that affects my time/distance.  (Yes, there are times when I actually listen and heed my husband's advice.  More of us women should try that sometime. ;))  My main goal at this point is to do 30 min of cardio every day minus one rest day per week and to mark some type of improvement, no matter how small, with each workout but to not overexert myself so much that I have no desire to go back the next day.  That would defeat the purpose and be counterproductive. :)

How I feel now:  My arms felt a teensy bit sore this morning as did my legs, only not as much.  I'm not so sore that it hurts to move, though.  It's more like I can feel and tell that I worked out yesterday, which is perfect for me.  It's enough to remind me to workout today but not so bad that I dread going back.  Today's workout left me feeling more energized than yesterday's did.  It seemed to be an easier workout for me and I think that's because my legs are stronger than my arms and the treadmill is easier on me than the elliptical.  I considered swapping the days and doing the elliptical on leg days but I tend to think that my legs would be screaming at me if I tried that so I'll just leave it like it is for now. :)

I think I may try to "max out" starting next week to see how much weight I should try to lift with each exercise.  For those who don't know, "maxing out" means lifting as much weight as you possibly can for just 1 rep.  I don't remember the formula for figuring out how that translates into sets, though.  Any of you know?  I'm going to go see if I can find out now.  Tomorrow is weigh-in!  (And tonight is date night so I should probably be particularly aware of what I put in my mouth this evening. ;))

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