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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Tea Party Needs Allies? Romney the Obvious Choice? I think not.

I just read this article posted by The American Spectator and am quite disappointed in their analysis.  This is my response:

First of all, I refuse to believe that the Tea Party is the minority of a minority.  More and more of the general population is for limiting the size of government and fed up with the bailouts and wreckless spending, even if they don't claim to be "Tea Partiers".  Believe me, the Tea Party has allies.

Secondly, I take offense to the insinuation that rich=better qualified or that the Tea Party is made up of those with little to no money.  AND that homeschoolers are quacks or know-it-alls or the idea that homeschooling is so terrible.  The author of this article even acknowledges that public schools are failing our kids.  You don't have to know everything to give your children a better education and wealth of opportunity.  My husband's cousin was homeschooled and received the highest SAT scores in her entire state!  (Having said that, our children are currently in public school so I'm not bashing it entirely either.  Not all public schools are created equal.)

Thirdly, there is a reason that Santorum is becoming increasingly more popular.  Doesn't that tell you ANYTHING?  Romney is no longer a shoe-in for a reason.

Fourthly, I don't trust Romney because his record is horrible.  Romneycare is much the same as Obamacare.  Do you think he'll overturn it once in office??  I'm not convinced.  Then there are the issues of abortion and gun control.  He's unpredictable at best...except maybe on whether or not he'll flip-flop.

Fifthly (if there is such a word), being entrusted with the safety and welfare of our entire country should not be reduced to a popularity contest.  Let's talk about real issues and who we trust more to get the job done.  It shouldn't be about who we perceive (or are persuaded to believe) is more "electable" in the general election.  Well, the other candidate WON'T be electable if we don't vote for them in OUR primary!

Lastly, I realize that Santorum can't walk on water but he does offer a legitimate contrast to Obama which is something Romney won't be able to pull off.  If Romney wins the nomination, I would hold my nose and vote for him because I would rather vote for a mop with a bucket for a head than vote for Obama and I'm not going to throw my vote away because that would basically be like giving Obama another vote.  I tend to think that the majority of the American public feels the same way.  Right now, I'm not looking for who is "better than Obama".  I'm looking for who is BEST for our country of the remaining candidates.

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